ANZ - 2021 Annual Review

70 years of ANZ 1958 ANZ adopted a new electronic bookkeeping machine that revolutionised ledger- posting procedures. 1961 Mobile branches in vans visited factories and workplaces bringing banking to staff. 1965 ANZ’s first computer – EMANZA (Electronic Method of ANZ Accounting) – was installed at 177 Toorak Road, South Yarra. 01 December 1982 1951 The Union Bank of Australia merged with the Bank of Australasia to form the Australia and New Zealand Bank Ltd (ANZ). 1835 Bank of Australasia was an Australian Bank in operation from 1835–1951. Headquartered in London and incorporated by Royal Charter in March 1834. 1837 The Union Bank of Australia was an Australian Bank in operation from 1837–1 9 51. Was established in London in October 1837. TENACIOUS OF PURPOSE 186 years old and 70 years as ANZ “The values forged in this merger 70 years ago are still part of the fabric of who we are today. We are still a bank that wants to back people with a vision for a better life.” Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer 82