ANZ - 2021 Annual Review

Important dates for shareholders1 1. If there are any changes to these dates, the Australian Securities Exchange will be notified accordingly. 2. On a cash profit (continuing operations) basis. Excludes non-core items included in statutory profit and discontinued operations included in cash profit. It is provided to assist readers in understanding the result of the ongoing business activitives of the Group. For further information on adjustments between statutory and cash profit refer to page 57. OUR INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND EARNING COMPOSITION BY GEOGRAPHY 2 New Zealand $1,788 million Australia $4,184 million International $209 million Asia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Laos Malaysia Myanmar The Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Pacific American Samoa Cook Islands Fiji Guam Kiribati Papua New Guinea Samoa Solomon Islands Timor-Leste Tonga Vanuatu Europe France Germany United Kingdom Middle East United Arab Emirates (Dubai) United States of America INTERNATIONAL MAY 2022 4 May Half Year Results Announcement 9 May Interim Dividend Ex-Date 10 May Interim Dividend Record Date 11 May DRP/BOP/Foreign Currency Election Date NOVEMBER 2022 7 November Final Dividend Ex-Date 8 November Final Dividend Record Date 9 November DRP/BOP/Foreign Currency Election Date DECEMBER 2022 15 December Final Dividend Payment Date 15 December Annual General Meeting OCTOBER 2022 13 October Closing date for receipt of Director Nominations 27 October Annual Results Announcement JULY 2022 1 July Interim Dividend Payment Date 80 OVERVIEW HOW WE CREATE VALUE PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW REMUNERATION OVERVIEW SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION