ANZ - 2021 Annual Review

$ $ $ CONTENTS Overview Our 2021 reporting suite 2 2021 performance snapshot 3 Chairman’s message 4 CEO’s message 6 What matters most 9 How we create value About our business 10 Our strategy 11 How we create value 12 Our operating environment 14 Our customers 15 Becoming a fairer and more responsible bank 24 Our divisions 26 Our people 29 Our community 34 Improving our approach to human rights 37 Our approach to climate change 38 Governance 40 Risk management 51 Performance overview 56 Remuneration overview 73 KPMG assurance 78 Shareholder information 80 We’re building an ANZ that improves the financial wellbeing and sustainability of customers, focused on: Helping people start or buy and sustainably grow their business. Helping companies move goods and capital around the region and sustainably grow their business. Helping people save for, buy and own a sustainable, liveable and affordable home. 1 ANZ 2021 Annual Review