ANZ - 2021 Annual Review

Our strategy To build a better bank we are bringing our purpose to life, integrating our values and culture into our strategy. Our strategy is to improve the financial wellbeing and sustainability of our customers. We will do this by providing excellent services, tools and insights that engage and retain customers and positively change their behaviour. Building the financial wellbeing and sustainability of our customers creates a positive cycle of benefits. It directly benefits customers and also grows shareholder returns; it leads to a strong and positive reputation; it ultimately means it costs less to acquire customers; and it grows loyalty, which in turn generates better returns – delivering more capital so we can invest in building a better bank and continue to improve the lives of our customers. We will know we have built a better bank when: • We support a higher share of customers in our target segments • Our customers have greater financial wellbeing over their lifetimes , and implement more sustainable business practices than others • Our customers are more engaged, more loyal and avail themselves of more of the right products and services than those banking with peers • We serve our customers more efficiently than peers and our systems are safer and more reliable • We attract and retain more of the people with the skills required to reinvent banking , in line with our purpose and culture • We generate stronger long-term financial results (in terms of sustainable economic profits) than our peers • Our reputation with customers, community, potential employees and regulators is better, both absolutely and relative to (domestic) competitors (existing and emerging) • Our practices and services provide more opportunity for the community and we have supported and improved positive economic development and transition. We will achieve our strategy through… In particular, we want to help customers: Propositions our customers love... with easy to use services that evolve to meet their changing needs. Through better use of data we will be able to provide valuable insights about our customers and how they can improve their financial wellbeing and sustainability over their lifetime, enabling us to create superior propositions. Flexible and resilient digital banking Platforms ... powering our customers and made available for others to power the industry. Platforms underpin our own propositions and will increasingly underpin those of our customers, notably other banks or institutional corporations. Partnerships that unlock new value... with ecosystems that help customers further improve their financial wellbeing and sustainability. We recognise that no one institution can do everything or innovate at the pace necessary to satisfy customers’ needs – strong relationships with partners is therefore vital. Purpose and values-led people... who drive value by caring about our customers and the outcomes we create. Our people listen, learn and adapt and do the right thing the first time, delivering the outcomes that address financial and sustainability challenges. Save for, buy and own a sustainable, liveable and affordable home Start or buy and sustainably grow their business Move capital and goods around the region and sustainably grow their business $ $ $ 11 ANZ 2021 Annual Review